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January 17, 2007

Biz Bid Welcome

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Welcome to the Biz Bid business information site.

Our goal is to provide you with more than just a source of relevant business information, but to do so in the form of an entertaining “Electronic Textual Collage” of seeming random but relevant information found throughout the Internet and the “Blog-O-Sphere“.

Unlike most business oriented blogs or websites of a strictly utilitarian nature this site is also a functional “Work of Art“. The inspiration for this “Work of Art” was based on similar concepts such as the “Google Zeitgeist“, the “Google Hack Honeypot“, the “Web Collage XscreenSaver“, and other various sources.

Most of this site’s visitors are assumed to be people (like you) searching for information of an entrepreneurial nature related to topics such as: Starting a New Business, Commercial Real Estate Leasing, Franchising Opportunities, Finding a Suitable Business Location, Business Marketing, Sales and Lead Generation. Just to name a few of the vertical markets we are targeting.

Our hope is that you will not only find the relevant business information your looking for but are also entertained by our unique presentment of the information at hand and our overall content.

Thanks for stopping bye.

Biz Bid Privacy Policy

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Information Collected by Biz Bid :

Biz Bid tracks visitors to our site and collects information such as the IP address of a user’s computer and the type of browser used. Additionally, we may collect the information provide by visitors via our information request forms or place a “cookie” on the user’s Internet browser. This is required by us to make our service possible.

Use of Information Collected:

Collected information helps us better understand our users. Email addresses are used to communicate with visitors and for site administration purposes. Personal information may be used to contact users for the purpose of research, product development, marketing, or customer service. IP address and cookie log data is analyzed to better understand traffic flows and user preferences.

Shared Information:

Unless explicitly stated, all collected information is for internal purposes only. We will only share personally identifiable information with third parties as necessary for those third parties to provide information or perform services specifically requested by you. On rare occasion, without the visitors’ knowledge, information may be shared with a third party provider to offer more enhanced services or for the purpose of providing more targeted advertising. While we endeavor to work with other sites and companies with a similar respect for user privacy, we cannot be responsible for the privacy practices of other sites that may be found by following links from Biz Bid

Thanks for stopping bye.

Biz Bid Disclaimer

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While all the business and individuals referenced or linked to on Biz Bid are believed to be reputable, we cannot accept any direct or indirect responsibility for their activities; consequently, Visitors’ using the information provided on our site do so at their own risk.

No statements made on this site are to be construed as a recommendation. We encourage all our visitors to perform their own due diligence before considering any business transaction or relationship.

The information provided herein is supplied by several sources and is subject to change without notice. Biz Bid does not guarantee or is in any way responsible for its accuracy, and provides said information without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied.

Additionally Biz Bid does not and cannot guarantee any offers made by any of its advertisers or sponsors.

Thanks for your understanding.

Biz Bid Anti Spam Policy

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Just a quick plain English note about our Anti-Spam policy here at Biz Bid First of all we never send out unsolicited commercial email (UCE or SPAM) period. We never will. Plus we don’t do cold telemarketing calls or junk faxes either.

We only correspond via email and phone with those persons or businesses that have contacted us first and with those we have an established business relationship with. In other words we pre-qualify our business clients by making them initiate first contact with us. We don’t like being bothered with unsolicited phone calls and emails either. So we follow the “Golden Rule” and try to treat our visitors, clients, and complete strangers with the same respect we want to receive.

In fact the only unsolicited commercial correspondence we ever make is via the United State Postal Service with a first class stamp.

So unlike other disreputable firms sending the equivalent of millions of electronic sales-solicitations postage-due to their potential clients, we foot the bill for our own direct marketing. In fact if your foolish enough to respond to sales-solicitations made in such a disreputable manner we don’t want you as a client. To us it’s just a big red flag.

However, Because of our stance against unsolicited commercial email we are now periodically having our domain name “spoofed” for large amounts of spam. So if you think you received any spam from us please check the IP address of the sending email server and you will find the true sending party. It will not be us.

Having said that we also would like to point out another thing that pisses us off. That is the common practice for a lot of sites to claim that you “opted-in” when in fact they purchased your email address from someone (who lied about their privacy policy) or just went out and harvested your email address direct from the Internet.

We use to try and “opt-out” of these initial emails but as it turns out anyone who lies about you “opting-in” in the first place is not likely to remove you from their mailing list. Now we just blacklist these fake “opt-ins” from our email servers.

BTW, In the future we are going to be posting the names of companies who deal in the practice of fake “opt-ins”.

However, unlike the idiot who runs the “Better Ethics Online - Email Black List” we will not just list a bunch of “spoofed” email addresses of innocent parties. How this idiot got his site listed in the “Open Directory Project” I’ll never know. (So much for supposed quality of a human editor.)

What we are going to do here is report the names of the actual companies that are the “end-users” who are deriving their economic gain from spamming you at your expense. That is the least we can do.

Thanks for stopping bye.

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